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The Royal 100

1    Desiree    Charts
2    Never Let You Go    Five Discs
3    Zoom    Cadillacs
4    Teardrops    Lee Andrews and Hearts
5    Why Do You Have To Go    Dells
6    Baby Oh Baby    Shells
7    Its Breaking My Heart    Larks
8    Story Untold    Nutmegs
9    Life Is But a Dream    Harptones
10    One Summer Night    Danleers
11    I Only Have Eyes For You    Flamingos
12    Since I Don’t Have You    Skyliners
13    Where Or When    Belmonts
14    You Were Mine    Fireflies
15    So This Is Love    Castelles
16    Here I Am Brokenhearted    Four Jays
17    The Stars    Ocapello's
18    Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight    Spaniels
19    You Are    Cadillacs
20    Castle in the Sky    Bop Chords
21    For Your Precious Love    Impressions
22    I Wonder Why    Dion and Belmonts
23    Lorraine    Bonnevilles
24    Mopetity Mope    Boss Tones
25    I Was Such a Fool    Flamingos
26    Heartaches    Marcels
27    My True Story    Jive Five
28    Be My Girl    Forevers
29    Bring Me Love    Clovers
30    The Masquerade Is Over    Harptones
31    Hey Little School Girl    Paragons
32    I Found My Love    Infatuators
33    Lovers Island    Bluejays
34    Tonight Could Be The Night    Velvets
35    There Is No Greater Love    Wanderers
36    Denise    Randy and the Rainbows
37    The Perfect Example   Dan @ the Clean Cut Clan
38    In Your Letter    Randy and the Rainbows
39    Dear Lord    Continentals
40    Don't Leave Me    Magnificents
41    Great Jumpin Catfish    Wanderers
42    So Real    Chantels
43    Island of Love    Sheppards
44    One Million Years    Heartbeats
45    Glory of Love    Roomates
46    Who Knows Who Cares    Holidays
47    Look In My Eyes    Chantels
48    Memory Lane    Hippies
49    Morse Code of Love    Capris
50    Loving a Girl Like You    Harptones
51    You Said You Loved Me    Orchids
52    Gleam In Your Eyes    Channels
53    Someone To Call Me Darling    Dells
54    I Can't Say Goodbye    Fireflies
55    Lovers Never Say Goodbye    Flamingos
56    Because of My Pride    Fireflies
57    Everybody's Somebody's Fool    Hi-Lites
58    Tragic    Sheppards
59    Eyes    Earls
60    Thank You and Goodnight    Angels
61    In Each Corner of My Heart    Nitecaps
62    ABCs of Love    Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
63    Goody Goody    Frankie Lymon & the Teenagers
64    I'm So Young    Students
65    I'll Be Seeing You    Poni Tails
66    On the Island    Avons
67    Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Bop    Imperials
68    Miss You    Holidays
69    Moonlight Cocktails    Rivieras
70    Lovebound    Universals
71    Earth Angel    Penguins
72    Long Lonely Nights    Lee Andrews and Hearts
73    Chapel of Dreams    Dubs
74    Just To Be With You    Passions
75    A Dream of Love    Nutmegs
76    I Count The Tears    Drifters
77    These Golden Rings    Jive Five
78    While Walking    Tony and Raindrops
79    Please Say It Isn't So    Swinging Hearts
80    A Thousand Miles Away    Heartbeats
81    Lets Fall In Love    Tony Middleton and Willows
82    Twilight Time    Platters
83    Dance With Me    Drifters
84    Music Maestro Please    Flamingos
85    My Silent Love    Rivieras
86    I'm Willing    Cadillacs
87    Once Upon a Time    Jordan and Fascinations
88    Three Steps to the Altar    Shep and Limelites
89    Get Back To You    Anthony and Sophomores
90    Please Stay    Drifters
91    Remember Then    Earls
92    What Time Is It    Jive Five
93    Coney Island Baby    Excellents
94    I Still Remember    Romancers
95    Been So Long    Pastels
96    Little Star    Elegants
97    Tonight I Fell In Love    Tokens
98    When We Get Married    Dreamlovers
99    Portrait of Love    Mark Stevens and Group
100    Each Night I Pray    Frontiers

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