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Queen of DooWop


The Queen of DooWop - Janet Cedrone Alvarez - 
was born and raised in South Philadelphia. Raised by her Mom as a single parent, her Dad passed away when she was only 5 years old . She went to public schools where she met the love of her life, Carlos Alvarez, aka, radio personality, King Arthur, at the tender age of 15 at South Philadelphia High School. They were married in October of 1969 and is still happily married, for almost 50 years!  

Janet started working right out of high school and in 1971, along with Carlos, owned and operated their Spanish/ American grocery store, LaCasa Alvarez, acquired by his parents. In the 80’s it was then changed to C and J Food Market, as the neighborhood changed, switching it over to a deli/grocery for a different clientele,  until 1990. That is when she opened up her flower shop called Cedrone’s Flowers located at the same location Carlos’ family had been, since 1961. That is 800 Lombard St, which is now known as Washington Square West in the Historical section of Philadelphia. For almost 30 years, Janet has been running her shop and working as a florist. 

Janet also has a love for music. Her father, Danny Cedrone, was the original lead guitar player in the song Rock Around the Clock with Bill Haley and His Comets, who was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in the year 2012. Her 3 older sisters and Janet were starting their singing careers before their Dad’s untimely death.

For the past 15 years, Janet has become an on air broadcaster! King Arthur encouraged her to go on the radio as he saw her knowledge of the music and how much she loves it. She has a love for rhythm and blues, oldies or doowop and a lot of rare unreleased songs.  Starting with a live stream on Destination Doowop, currently she streams live on, Soundsofphillyradio and now on Wed nights, 8 to 10PM.  

Janet is on the advisory board for The East Music Hall of Fame. 
She has no intention of retiring as she loves the music and flowers!

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